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We engage a diverse community of learners in a collaborative educational experience, preparing them for college success and a lifetime of meaningful engagement 与 the broader world.


在CH-CH, we know that every learner enters the classroom 与 a unique set of intellectual, 个人, 以及学术优势.

Classes at CH-CH stimulate and challenge students by tapping into their different “intelligences” as defined and inspired by Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard University, who developed the Theory of 多元智能. Dr. Gardner proposes that there are nine “intelligences” that schools need to stimulate and support. 在CH-CH, teachers design lessons that address the range of these intelligences, thus giving students multiple avenues into the essential skills and understandings in each course.

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We create multiple paths to mastery of the skills and content provided, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to engage 与 the material in a meaningful and deep way.

Differentiated instruction is an approach to teaching that recognizes two basic facts: all students are capable of high achievement and all students come to each class 与 a varied set of strengths and challenges.  In order to ensure achievement of essential skills and understandings, CH-CH teachers come to know their students well and provide them 与 a variety of entry points and academic strategies that allow them to leverage their individual strengths in the classroom.  我们训练有素的教员, over 70% of whom possess advanced degrees, engage in thousands of hours of professional development annually in order to develop their content area knowledge and their pedagogical “toolbox” in order to best help CH-CH students achieve academic success and prepare themselves for college.



每一天, 在每一堂课上, our teachers strive to connect the material and skills being taught to the learners’ strengths 哪一个 extends and further develops students overall capacities and performance.

A key structure 哪一个 supports this work is our academic schedule. 每周上三次课每次会议持续70分钟. This frequency and class length allows teachers to conduct multiple activities 与in each block, giving learner multiple ways to access the material, and significantly decreases the harried nature of the typical high school day, allowing students to enter each classroom more at ease and ready to learn.

Another avenue of support for students is our office hours 哪一个 take place four times per week 每次40分钟. All teachers are available in their classrooms or office during this period and students are encouraged (and at times, required) to see their instructors 与 any questions or difficulties they might be encountering. Students entering the 9th grade are required to attend office hours blocks daily; as students demonstrate progress in their academics they are given the opportunity to choose 哪一个 teachers to see during this time. 给11年级和12年级的学生, office hours are designed to mimic what they will find at the college and university level, 哪一个 allows students to develop the time management and self-advocacy skills they will need when moving on to the next stage in their education.

In addition to these scheduling structures, both our classes and overall teacher load are kept intentionally small, so our teachers can develop the close understanding and relationship 与 each student that will forward their individual learning. 从九年级开始, 哪里的班级平均有9个学生, and our overall teacher load is approximately 35, we make sure that all our students are known well by their teachers. 高年级的班级规模越来越大, 平均为13, as we begin to prepare our students for college and expect from them the self-advocacy skills they will need to make that transition successful. Throughout a student’s whole time here at CH-CH, he or she will be 每个老师都很熟悉…and this understanding serves as yet another layer of support in the learning process.



在我们的小教室里, 与 an average class size of just over ten, 教师发挥学生的长处, create multiple avenues to academic success, and help students grow in their self-advocacy and self-confidence.  All this work leads into a 个人ized college counseling process where students find, apply to and attend colleges that fit the student they have become and the person they want to be.

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距离波士顿10英里, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall (CH-CH) is a private, college preparatory day and boarding school for grades 7-12/PG. CH-CH培养智力勇气, 创造性的野心, and unwavering empathy that drives students to achieve their best.
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